Kiwi News

Why guidelines are important

We have an opportunity to build our own corner of the onchain internet. With awesome people, links, resources, and learning. To ensure this corner is valuable, we need to follow some submission guidelines.

What to submit?

On topic:

Anything that gratifies the intellectual curiosities of builders, engineers, hackers, and craftspeople in the community.

That includes:

  • Technical resources, hacking, and awesome git repos
  • Dune dashboards, reports, data-driven articles
  • Startups, cryptocurrencies, cryptography
  • Networking, privacy, decentralization
  • Hardware, open source, art, economics, game theory
  • Anything else our community might find fascinating, covering any subject from philosophy, literature, and pop culture, through science, and health, up to society and infrastructure

Off topic:

  • Sensationalist journalism for the sake of ad revenue (including overly optimized click-bait, rage-bait, fluff headlines, clickthrough optimized headlines, cliffhanger headlines, posts with no substance)
  • Mediocre resources
  • Old stories we all read and that have been widely shared elsewhere
  • Shilling (you know what this means)

How to submit?

A good headline tells you exactly what to expect without embellishing or optimizing for clickthrough. Some recommendations:

  • Attempt to submit the original title
  • Trim the title if it's too long without losing substance
  • Avoid Title Casing Because It Looks Like Spam (and it's terrible to read)
  • Avoid Upworthy and Buzzfeed style titles along the lines of, "Fiat Crisis with Balaji (shocking!)" - there's no need to add the last part
  • Consider NOT submitting pay-walled articles

How to upvote?

Within a small community, upvoting carries a lot of weight. The recommendation here is to carefully consider what's worth upvoting and what isn't. Avoid upvoting things you haven't read, watched, or vetted as worthy of other people's time.

Thanks to @thatalexpalmer who helped us prepare these guidelines.

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