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All links on Kiwi are curated by our community of Kiwi Pass holders. You can shape our feed by submitting and upvoting content you find interesting.

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You will get a profile that shows all your submissions. You can link your personal website & socials to help people learn more about your projects or reach out to you.

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Meet 150+ crypto connoisseurs via our Telegram Channel

We are people building the decentralized future - primarily web3 founders, developers, investors and creators. Discuss the crypto content, ask questions and meet new, smart people on our curator-only channel.

Decide who gets ETH from Kiwi grants

We share part of our NFT revenue with the most active contributors. Our community decide who gets the money - so far we distributed over $2,000 to 10+ people.

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Take part in building the product you use

We discuss our feature ideas with the community, to ensure that we build something they want. You can join us and help us build the future of decentralized tech.

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Why Kiwi?

It's a long story that started with a meme on Farcaster. You can learn more about it on and mint a free Kiwi NFT.

Which chain is the Kiwi Pass on?

Our NFTs are on Optimism. If you need to bridge your ETH, we suggest using Optimism Bridge.

Is it lifetime access?

At this point buying an NFT gives you unlimited access. In the future it might change but if we do change it, we ‘ll definitely reward our early contributors.

Can I sell this NFT?

Theoretically yes. But the utility is tied to your profile, so only you can post links with it. Otherwise someone could buy (or steal) an NFT and submit links on your behalf.

Are my submissions and upvotes public?

Yes, at this point all of them are. Thanks to that, you can check other people’s submissions on their profile page and learn more about them.

What if I don’t use Telegram?

You can reach out to Tim and Mac on Farcaster or Twitter. We are also working on comments to give our users other ways to connect.

How do I fill in my profile?

We fetch the data from ENS. So the best way is to set up your ENS avatar and add links there and we will automatically fetch it.

How the contributor rewards work?

Everyone who has at least 1 karma can propose a person for a PropHouse. Then our curators vote and decide who is going to get money. You can learn more about the process looking at our last PropHouse .


Have more questions? Reach out to @macbudkowski or @timdaub on Farcaster and Twitter. We use the same handles on both networks.

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