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chriscocreated.eth (13 🥝)Community Artist/ Dev/ Builder 🟪⌐◧-◧ Exploring CoCreation to release creativity potential in people and organsiations. Pursuing a life lived truely and happily


A Model for Community-Driven Creativity-Code and Community & Composable Artworks

A model that articulates using input from digital communities as the raw material for art. Working...
CoCreating Digital Art: A Model for Community-Driven Creativity

From Community Art in Care Homes to Web3 Collaboration

The prologue to building a CoCreated community. I started my carer as a community artist, but I...
CoCreation Reimagined: My Journey from Community Art to Web3 Collaboration

Starting in the middle. Brief meditation on just starting-first post from Chris

I keep thinking that I need to go back, to start at the beginning, to say the most important things...
Starting in the middle


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