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This is actually really cool! Wondering how it works - OCR to index memes based on text? Searched for kiwi but couldn't find anything yet

Thanks Mac ! We feed memes on GPT4-V to retrieve JSON for context, color, content & text + we add Farcaster metadata to the search engine. Will be more interactive in the next few days, right now it's only indexed on top /memes post. I've been able to find memes for "kiwi", you can also try with your username "macbudkowski" (Vercel rugged me for img preview but will be fixed tomorrow)

Thanks for answering, @leosimon.eth. AI here works surprisingly well. Are there any longer-term plans for this project?

Vision is to create a way for communities & individuals to save & share memes more conveniently. Like a Giphy for memes.

Nice, does it also rank them based on the number of upvotes/likes/recasts?

Yes they are ranked by popularity

wow really cool!

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