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“ Skiff raised ~$14m in VC to build an open source alternative Google Suite. Now it's being acquired by Notion and the code has been taken down. All software is ephemeral. File over app.” - Sad to say I just migrated my Skiff email to Protonmail.

Never used Skiff, but heard some good things about them. I'm wondering if Notion treated Skiff as a real competitor that should be bought out or if it is just an acquihire as they plan to add some privacy features to Notion. Anyway, Zach's opinion of Notion isn't too good: I wish he elaborated.

Email worked quite well on Skiff and nice UI design, but especially the calendar was unusable in a business setup. I have been forced to use Notion in DAOs, but personally really didn’t like it. Much interesting, just launched, is Fileverse by Safe This might be the future of collaboration tools for DAOs and online communities. But quoting Vitalik: “Reminder: .docx files are more cypherpunk than Google Docs links.” It might be good to consider before you invest in centralized collaboration tools like Notion for your decentralised community. (Or just use easy Google like many do.)

Well, at least my dilemma of whether move 100% to Skiff or stay with Proton is solved.

“The skiff situation is a good reminder of why decentralized ecosystems are so valuable. Challenge question @dwr.eth @v : how far along is Farcaster in this regard? If hypothetically your team got acquihired by Facebook (or Tencent, or...) tomorrow, how well would the ecosystem be able to keep going?” - Vitalik Buterin

Yeah! I loved that prompt from Vitalik!

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