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Great text! I'd add the perspective shared by Juan Benet on "Privacy is security & safety" Here's a link to his talk:

always happy to see meme game going strong on Kiwi!

Mhh, one issue I have with how the author uses the term Privacy is that they seem to make it out as a singleton object that can either be increased or decreased. Almost like GDP or fertility. We can make it go higher it lower. But conceptually privacy is the amount of contextual disclosure of my information and how it flows. Where, yes, we all do share some circumstances, e.g. we all transact on public blockchains and so a lot of private information is leaking to the public and so someone could argue that we all have „less privacy.“ I still think that, language-wise, this is a bit of a stretch. The meme/anti-meme idea is good and useful. But what does the author really want? More privacy? As the contextual disclosure is individual, why does the author want to prescribe more privacy to everyone? I think what the author wants is actually not privacy, I think the author wants less of what the Internet enables, to share information widely and fast. That isn‘t necessarily more privacy. But I also can‘t think of a better word.

That's an interesting point. For me, privacy is about consent and agency. If I want the information to be public, I can make it public. If I want the information to stay private, I can keep it private. So, the goal would be to make privacy a default and non-privacy opt-in. The practical problems here are network effects and awareness of how limited privacy we have. I can switch to Signal instead of using Messenger, but fewer of my friends are there, so the utility of the privacy-centric app is lower. So we stay on Messenger, ignoring the fact that Zuck & NSA have access to our messages because "everyone spies on everyone who cares." And I think it's hard to make people care about it without the right (mem)education. There was a good privacy meme example a few years ago when John Oliver interviewed Snowden. He showed him a video where instead of asking people if they care about privacy, he asked if the government should have access to their dick pics: I guess this is the meme we should proliferate :)

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