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"This new approach is captured elegantly in a slogan that appeared several times during Tuesday’s keynote: let Google do the Googling for you. It’s a phrase that identifies browsing the web — a task once considered entertaining enough that it was given the nickname “surfing” — as a chore, something better left to a bot." I wonder how the adoption of AI-powered Google will look. I think it will be useful for tasks such as "find me the cheapest flight tickets to London," but e-commerce might be more tricky. Many people are pretty suspicious of online reviews and want to "do their research" before buying a new phone, toaster, or lamp. I think they'll also be pretty suspicious of AI recommendations. Plus, some people find this "surfing the web" process enjoyable. But maybe it's just my social circle, and most people want to get one answer? Anyway, sounds like another bad news for online publishers.

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