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Key takeaways: * "it will be up to European legislators to decide on the appropriate balance between privacy and other public policy objectives, like countering money laundering and other illicit activities" * offline digital euro: private transactions between 2 users - works offline (but offer no insights into what tech they use to make this happen)

So it's basically CBDC, right? Wondering if they're going to add privacy by zks or some other tech

Yeah I'm also wondering how they choose to do it. It will probably be highly centralized, and they can take some shortcuts with that. I'm still intrigued by the offline transactions - I'm imagining they would use something like lightning network-style payment channels with a dash of ZK for the privacy.

They should hook up with Monerium. They have all the infra ready including a digital Euro. Already fully authorized, fully regulated, and fully backed. Your wallet is your IBAN so you can do SEPA payments with your EURe stables. They only would need to add a privacy layer. Would not be surprised if they’re already speaking to each other.

Lol I read this but HOW DOES THIS WORK? I‘m pretty sure if there was a robust technical solution to what they‘re outlining then we‘d already have it in the crypto space. But it probably relies on wet code

Interestingly, you can find some technical documents on their website, such as this presentation: Other documents from each of the stages:

don't trust this