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This is requesting me to enter an email and I cannot click away the popup. Seems like a bad link

use my email @tim

Funnily enough it asked me to verify this email and it said that it is likely not valid. So it asked me to verify the email. But then when I entered my legit email it didn't ask me to verify it haha

wat? I always used a bogus email and never had an issue ...

Anyways, it's a really nice report! Thanks for sharing, I also shared it in the group chat

As I mentioned in the Bridging the Onchainomics to DeSoc essay, speculative investments such as gambling and lottery are generally categorised as consumption rather than investment.IMO memecoins are also counted as 'consumption' behaviour instead of investment (so just like a promoting campaign, instead of real investment). This reminds me of tons of behavioural economics experiments and findings, showing lower income would bring more gambling and lottery decisions such as Haisley, E., Mostafa, R., & Loewenstein, G. (2008). Subjective relative income and lottery ticket purchases. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 21(3), 283-295. This may suggest whether the income from crypto-system trading/investment has been lower, or even potentially suggest the real income (related to inflation, and buy power) has been lower across the IRL.

Can someone re-upload this somewhere? Would love to take a look but not sharing my email lol