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Interesting how minting and posting get substituted: “We need verification of global media. Minting, aka posting on Zora achieves both. When you post on Zora (mint) you are publishing your media to the world from an account that you and only you could publish from. It sounds simple, but companies should mint, so their customers can easily verify that the content they are viewing and engaging with is indeed from their brand.”

Nice! It seems that Zora is already leveling up to serve more users in this new world. I like the framing of not wanting to deal with the complexities of copyright law. Many are probably better served with a mint button and a sharable link to a collection! I wonder though how Kiwi‘s NFT fits into this idea

I like this framing. I also think that companies should run their AppStore-like services where people can find both original content & top-rated remixed content. Wrote about it last year in "IP Protocols Part III: How to create permissionless Disney" -

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