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"Greed is not the only form of selfishness. Lots of harm can come from cowardice, laziness, resentment, and many other movies. Furthermore, greed itself can come in many forms: greed for social status can often be just as harmful as greed for money or power." That's a good quote

Yeah I also found that insightful. Generally a really nice blog post from a more reflected and grown up Vitalik. Beautiful to witness the growth

Vitalik also mentions Status as a decentralized messaging app opposed to Telegram or Discord. Status looks really promising and it’s being build by interesting folks. I have been using it as a mobile wallet (works great as ‘air gapped’ mobile wallet with Keycard integration) but never found anyone familiar in the Messenger part. Is anyone using Status as a messenger?

Status raised a huge ICO back then and, from what I know, did all sorts of things. But their messenger, in my view, was way ahead of time back when nobody cared about decentralized social because blockchain wasn‘t working properly yet.

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