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I’ve been in love with IPFS since 2020. I also run several small sites on IPFS and pin them on my own Kubo node that runs on a Pi4. Also I pin all my own art and all the art I collected. I recognize the issues addressed in the blog regarding updating the website and IPNS. So if you start with IPFS, start small, like for example a link tree. For example my own is on IPFS Anyway encourage everyone to experiment with IPFS! And run a node and pin stuff you like and want to support. You can easily run a node on your laptop or it’s even built in Brave browser, just switch it on. Here’s a tutorial to run on a Pi4.

Interesting comment Misha! Maybe you should publish on how you’re running your setup! I‘m surprised the author of the post had insightful but negative things to say, although, I have to agree that IPFS actually has a rather tricky problem with content routing because of its technical architecture. The article almost made me a little worried!

Wow, didn't know I could set up an IPFS node in Brave. Just did that; if anyone was interested, there's a slick tutorial here:

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