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I know we are supposed to be friends with Launchcaster and so on, but wtf is this website? I don't understand it or their idea on why it'd be beneficial to have people vote on Farcaster. It's just a mess, isn't it? My understanding is that the data of this content is a cast and that someone tagged this as a launch caster post. But the mentions don't work, and there also doesn't appear to be a backreference (edit: I found it later) that the basis of the content is actually a cast. People say that UX with a Farcaster integration is so much better, but objectively, this cannot be true because none of the above is straightforward to someone just coming across the site. I'm an experienced web3 engineer, and I barely know how these things work. So how do consumers end up figuring this out? On Farcaster, people always pat themselves on the back that any Farcaster integration is a great thing because you don't have to leave the app to engage. Something, something frames. Well, such an outcome is Launchcaster. And I don't mean to say that to hurt the people who've built it (TRULY(!)), but what I mean to say is that we have to stop this narrative. Yes, 100% for founder-empathic Warpcast users, it is the stated preference that "I will help you make your product get engagement if you add a Farcaster integration. But I will not leave the WC app." Clearly, this is not sustainable, and it doesn't lead to good product development. So again, not to blame or criticize the Launchcast founders, but to criticize the idea that favoring distribution over community-building or developing proprietary tech is an ideal startup strategy in web3. It is not whatever people might tell you.

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