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Betting on Farcaster (
17 days ago by @haardikkk Cast$ Tip

Hey, Haardik, thanks for sharing your story. I also got hooked by instant engagement - back when I joined, there was this "New Farcaster Bot" that, for 14 days, recasted posts by new users, so they could get extra distribution. Wondering how we could add some instant engagement on kiwi 🤔 BTW this part caught my attention: " This was interesting, so I bid and got a Purple NFT. This led to a bot notifying people on the Purple channel on FC about my win, and I was greeted with welcome messages from a variety of Purple members." Maybe we should have some bot for Kiwi mints. Since we have more than 1 minute/day, maybe we could just tag all the people who minted that day.

Love the idea of a Kiwi mint bot, we should do that! I generally think this is a great way of building community by welcoming people!

I just noticed that you submitted the story pointing to your own blog post and so I enabled you as one of our original creators. All your posts to now show up marked in yellow when you submit them yourself. Welcome to Kiwi News :)

+1 on the kiwi mint bot!

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