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"Entire years' worth of crops of "Farcaster culture" have been trampled over and forgotten." When Farcaster grew before, new users were introduced to its culture by the old guard. Now, there were so many new people in one cohort that it was very hard to acculturate them. It was Farcaster's mini Eternal September. Thankfully, these numbers aren't as overwhelming as for the 90s Usenet, so I believe we will reclaim our lost vibes. I like that many old users utilize /dont-do-this channel & FC team added more moderation tools for channel leaders. It's good to observe how they handle that and note DOs & DONTs in case we have explosive growth one day.

Yeah, but e.g. hardly any of the users know the following: - Purple - Screenshot essays - Farcaster aristocracy - Kiwi meme - All the peripheral apps built on Farcaster Instead, a more scalable and viral Farcaster culture won: - How to do a frame in 10 seconds - Degen - Cheering on Twitter's famous account for transitioning over to Farcaster I know I'm making myself vulnerable to being called a "the vibes have changed" guy, but maybe this time, the vibes have really changed.

The airdrops certainly helped but I think Farcaster and devs have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

I think many of them will come back and leave, come back and leave, come back and leave, come back and stay. This will happen through a combination of features (better frames), content (Bilaji going all in) and viral crypto objects like NFTs and meme coins. This is the bull case at least.

Facts, the new features and nft/crypto airdrops will definitely bring them back and forth.

@ccarella.eth, actually that could be the case, that they come in waves. That‘d certainly be helpful for our growth too!

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