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🥝 you could check your openrank score here

Heap, do you know where one can get an FID outside of Warpcast (using metamask/browser)?


Indeed degen is a great project, which is an amazing project for tipping and the entire base chain also could check here too

The warpcast link is to lookup a username. I want to register an FID, or confirm my wallet doesn't have one (as says it does)

@simplifiedprivacy.eth hey, input your username,and this api would response with all your info, include fid; you also could check in the dune link i posted

Agree. $degen tipping can play an indispensable role in the overall Warpcast system.

When I put my username in, I get nothing. same thing for but when I try to register with my ETH wallet 0x094A1ef2F50F36956a90E410Ffc143362340865c it says I already have an FID

that's mean you didn't add your ens as warpcast username, i had searched your ens in warpcast and it showed nothing, fid needs to be tied to an address @simplifiedprivacy.eth

do you know a way to do this in a browser? says I already have an FID and herocast bombed out

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