Kiwi News

Incredible write up. I actually didn‘t know they spent so much effort on design. It looks really nice and it makes me think about how they probably spent so much money on implementing this type of design, that it makes me feel uneasy. But I liked the Tray component and I think I should copy it for Kiwi News

Sounds like a great wallet! Lately I tried out quite a few new wallets, it seems every week a new one is launched. Latest I tried are Zeal and Metri (Circles UBI integration). Zeal is in beta but looks very promising with also Gnosis Pay integration. But actually quite hooked on Rabby Wallet atm. (Before that I was into Zerion, before that Rainbow, before Brave, etc, etc). Legendary project Status has just launched a new wallet integrated with a fully fledged decentralised Discord clone. It seems right now wallets is the to most competitive segment in crypto. Everyone hustling to build that one convenient wallet that will bring the masses in. It looks like smart wallets with passkeys (no seed frases) are the next new thing, they’re convenient! But they do lock you in. I recommend to use something cross platform like Bitwarden to store your keys, or you’re stuck on using Apple gear for the rest of your life ;) Zeal calls seed frase wallets: “classic wallets for advanced users”. lol. Anyway curious to see where this is going and Family looks quite promising. Going to try when I find the time!

I feel similar to @timdaub.eth. On one hand, the design and consistent philosophy behind it is impressive. On the other hand, I think: "Was polishing the design so much the best allocation of their time & money? Did it really move the needle?". I am doubtful but maybe in the crypto wallets' red ocean market, it matters? I guess we will never know.

The got acquired by AAVE pre-launch. That says a lot.