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Instead of thinking about what kind of social applications decentralization can bring, we should ask: if we have a decentralized social network, what products can we build based on this network?

In my opinion, large amount of valuable data in desoc are still centralised, but it doesn't matter. Take farcaster as an example, if there is a highly read cast in warpcast, then the cast's reader portrait is valuable, and there's gonna be a lot of people who want the data, like other client and advertiser. But this data is not public and centralised, held by the client operator (in this example is held by Warpcast). For client operator, it can use the data to improve the recommendation system and advertising (which is the traditional way of web2). But in fact, there is another path, that is, mint the reading portrait data privately to an on-chain asset (like NFT), and then sell it to the cast author, author will buy it because there will be other clients or advertisers willing to pay for this data. This brings a new business model to the centralized platform and truly realizes the user's control of the data.