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Kiwi News is a community-curated media where crypto veterans pick & upvote web3-related stories for reading, listening, and watching.


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Our community reads hundreds of sources per month. Some of them are big news and mainstream Vitalik essays. But some of them are fresh, niche essays found at the edges of the Internet.

So you don't need to scroll Twitter for hours, hoping you'd find some valuable content. If it really matters, you can find it on Kiwi.

Truly interdisciplinary perspective

“Kiwi is a feed for the builder’s mind” as Les Greys once said.

So we cover all crypto-adjacent subjects that a smart curious engineer might find interesting - from tech, through economics, game theory, and sociology, up to culture and growth.

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Positive-sum games community

We are people building the decentralized future - primarily web3 founders, developers, and creators.

We believe in a constructive dialogue and co-creation - whether it’s doing a Pull Request to a project we like or sharing an honest feedback with its founder.

Decentralized & Open Source from Day 1

Kiwi has been built on a Kiwi P2P Protocol. It means that everyone can run a node and permissionlessly create their own Kiwi app.

We already seen that happening with freeatnet’s and matallo's Kiwi Search We also share parts of our treasury to the most active contributors - in the last round we distributed over 3.5 ETH.

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Why Kiwi?

It's a long story that started with a meme on Farcaster. You can learn more about it on and mint a free Kiwi NFT.

Who is picking these links?

We are a community of 140+ crypto-savvy people who submit and upvote links to create a newsfeed we all want to use. You can learn more about the community here.

Why do you build this?

We want to create a space where crypto content can thrive. Where creators can reach new audiences and readers can find inspiring texts, podcasts and videos. You can read more about our vision here.

What is your current roadmap?

We are working to make the web app experience more seamless. We also plan to ship the mobile app. You can read more about our plans here.

Where can I share my feature requests?

If you’re our NFT holder, you can reach out to @timdaub or @macbudkowski to get added to the holders-only Telegram Chat. If you don’t hold our NFT, you can always add your requests here.

Note from founders

We know how it all started. Satoshi created Bitcoin because people were being screwed by the financial system. And the Bitcoin community wanted to create a more fair financial system where people - not the FED - are in power. It seemed like a crazy idea back then.

Few people believed it, many ridiculed it. But thanks to those who had enough intellectual courage to rethink the world they live in, the world has changed. Years have gone by and in the meantime, crypto helped to make many people rich. Big money brought many scammers and the last few years were dominated by exploits, stolen money, and scams.

But as we started learning more about tokens, some people also learned that crypto might be a tool to create a fairer version of many other areas of our life. We could rethink not only finance but also art markets, gaming, and social media. But just like Bitcoin's creators, these crypto-native entrepreneurs are ridiculed too. And it's a fair point: rebuilding whole industries is hard and unlikely to succeed.

To have any chance of succeeding, we need a space where builders can exchange their ideas. A place where thoughts can clash: from game theory and economics, through psychology and arts up to governance and tech. But this content is hard to find. Distribution is centralized among a few big Twitter accounts and newsletters.

And although we can find many great ideas in those centralized communities, the freshest insights can usually be found at the edges, among people who are less popular since they spend their days doing research and coding - not dedicating every minute to grow their audience. So the idea behind Kiwi is to go back to the roots. Promote content close to the crypto values that make us rethink the world we live in. And create an arena where this content can compete and the best ideas can win.

In web2, we once had a tool for that. But as years went by HackerNews transformed into a pessimistic and progress-skeptical space. So we want to rebuild it from scratch. Just like Uniswap rethought Coinbase and Farcaster rethinks Twitter, Kiwi rethinks HackerNews and content distribution in general. We believe you shouldn’t doom scroll Twitter for 3 hours to find good content.

You should be able stumble upon content serendipitously, without bringing your dopamine levels out of balance. That’s why it's time to rethink news aggregation from the ground up.

Not by building yet another app: But by giving our users the freedom to access the same content across different clients and by allowing everyone to choose their moderation rules. By building Kiwi primarily as a protocol, and then as an app, we're enabling anyone to fork us, hence bootstrapping credible neutrality.

Because as David Hoffman says: “Crypto wasn’t made to make you rich. Crypto was to set you free”.

Tim DaubenschĂĽtz & Mac Budkowski